failed”” To try and fix this I have restarted cups on the server, filter /usr/lib/ cups/filter/pstops (PID ) I [11/May/ +] [Job. MacOS Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro () Printer: Xerox Phaser , Driver Printing with Adobe PDF Printer fails in all applications cups. Nothing that I try to print with CUPS goes to the printer, it just sits in the Started filter pstops (PID ) D [23/Nov/ ] [Job.

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Creating local printer queues takes long time for some printers with larger PPD file, so timeout of http connection will time out and it creates infinite loop of creating local printer queues.

Comment 49 John Dennis The following shows what happens when I try to print a jpg. Comment 46 Alex Cherepanov The IP address of the printer can often be vailed from its front panel or from a printed configuration self-test page.

Applications using the GTK dialog subsystem will see these printers in their dialogs. Some example documents can be found in the Printing Test Cases category.

usr/libexec/cups/filter/pstops failed – Apple Community

May 3, 2: One page file which gets underflow Reassigning to the new owner of this component. PPD has interactive and non-interactive attributes.

What I have noticed in the past is that stack underflow does seem to be related to the number of pages in the job. It is Fedora’s policy to close all patops reports from releases that are no longer maintained. Comment 55 Fedora End Of Life I also noticed that when Tim generated his ps file, it worked but it was at level 2.


Unfortunately, it is not unknown for IPP implementations on some printers and print servers to be buggy and the change resulted in some of them failing to print. You can use this command to find out which driver is being used:. This affects image compression and font formats.

I’d be glad to look into this problem but I need a self-contained PS file that fails. Comment 33 Michael Eager If it doesn’t help, please file a bugzilla, attach output of hp-setup and mention that you tried ‘hp-setup’. Let me know what happens with each. This option is currently in Fedora 27 and above. Comment 3 Jiri Popelka But I am a bit stuck with cups. Fedora 23 is no longer maintained, which means that it will not receive any further security or bug fix updates.

The default mode is one which uses Poppler when the printer make is Brother, Minolta or Konica Minolta but Ghostscript for other printer models. I still need to try the Brother. This is still an issue at least with F Comment 43 Michael Eager May 17, Please add a file with CUPS logs from journal to the bug report.


Basically the job will go to the print queue, the data light on the printer will blink and then the job will drop out of the queue and the printer goes back to sleep. It acts like it’s going to – the que shows the file going to the printer and then it stops.

How to debug printing problems

A message has appeared which relates to the Epson printer. I think we’re finally converging on the issue!

May 9, 7: Comment 28 Michael Eager If they do, you might begin to think in terms of three causes for the problem: It has just the image. PostScript printer is described by its PPD file. If you are having problems printing PDF files, try printing other types of file to see if the problem is with printing anything or if it is specific to printing PDF files.

I expect the poppler. The code also assumes that the stack stays the same during execution of the image and filter operators, which xups not documented. The bug has been open for more than a year, it’s root cause has been diagnosed, and it’s affecting multiple users.