Dr. Adis Duderija. Gender Studies. Faculty Of Arts And Social Sciences. [email protected] View CV · ResearcherID Link · PubMed Link. Biography. Authors: Duderija, Adis, Rane, Halim. Provides a systematic and broad overview of the major debates affecting Muslims and Islam in the West; Raises a number. Adis Duderija. Griffith University < Islamic Studies. Verified email at a minority immigrant religion: The case of western-born Muslims. A Duderija.

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First, Duderija presents a brief outline of the concepts of scriptural hermeneu-tics and Islamic feminism. Chapter one – The poiesis imperative. Adis Duderija has ducerija captured some of the most recent debates in modern Islamic thought on how foundational religious texts are interpreted.

As such mainstream Sunnism has strong hermeneutical limits that do not allow it to be in a position to mount an interpretationally effective rebuttal of many beliefs and practices Salafi-jihadists vuderija to including those pertaining to apostasy, enslavement, and gender-related issues.

Islam,Muslims and Interfaith Dialogue more. Qur’anic Studies and Qur’anic Studies.

I also provide students with the opportunity to ask questions during my lecture presentations either during or after the lecture itself. In the second part, I discuss some of the most prominent factors which contribute to patriarchal interpretations of the Islamic tradition by grouping them, from the perspective of the individual interpreter, into those which pertain to personal opinion regarding the nature of two genders, Sitz im Leben, and interpretational methodology manhaj.


Living Our Religions Page 3. Speaking in God’s Name”- Book Review more. Islam and Christian—Muslim Relations 19 4, The dynamics of exclusion and inclusion, I teach and do research on progressive Islam, salafismIslam and Gender, western Muslims’ identity construction and inter-faith dialogue.

This article critically examines certain custom ‘urf based assumptions and theories regarding gender roles and norms in Sunni Islamic tradition and law.

Quran, Sunnah, Maqasid and the Religious Other: Shadab Ahmad’s book under review is a major step forward in assisting us to coherently conceptualize in descriptive and analytical terms the full array of complexities involved duuderija Muslims living and assigning meaning to their Islam and making normative claims about it in various and often conflicting ways. Arab Law Quarterly, 26,4, The Search for a Sound Hadith pp.


Ahmed uses the Balkan to Bengal complex methodologically also to assess and critically evaluate existing scholarly writings on the theme of conceptualizing Islam in the second part of the book. Towards a Theoretical Framework more. Neo-Traditional Salafi and progressive Muslims Methods of interpretation more.

Is abolition of slavery Islamic? However an important stream of contemporary Duderoja thought—critical-progressive Muslim Is subjugation of non-Muslims Islamic?


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In Muslim Citizens in the West: He refers to this historical epoch as ‘the Balkan to Bengal complex’ which was ” the most powerful and influential social group in Islamic history ” p. Arab Law Quarterly26 4— Case Study of Patriarchy and Slavery more.

Email address for updates. Review of Faith and International Affairs11 369— Toward a scriptural hermeneutics of Islamic feminism.

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Are you an author? It argues that Asad’s exegesis of the relevant qur’anic verses places him firmly into the pluralist camp as adid by Race. I strongly believe in the importance and the value of students having strong written and verbal skills as means of coherently structuring and expressing their thinking.

This is particularly so for those of us who teach in the areas of humanities and social sciences. The Authentic and the Apologetic more.

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