Panzer Leader is an autobiography by Heinz Guderian. The book, written during his Erinnerungen eines Soldaten (Original German ed.). Heidelberg: Kurt. Heinz Wilhelm Guderian was a German general during the Nazi era. An early pioneer and .. Originally published in German, titled Erinnerungen eines Soldaten (Memories of a Soldier) (Kurt Vowinckel Verlag, Heidelberg ; 10th edition. Erinnerungen eines Soldaten. Front Cover. Heinz Guderian. Verl. “Welsermühl”, – World War, – pages.

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Panzer Leader (book) – Wikipedia

You will be informed immediately upon reception of this article in our warehouse. On 21 Julyafter the failure of the 20 July Plot to assassinate Hitler, in which Guderian had no direct involvement, Guderian was appointed Chief of Staff of the Army Chef des Generalstabs des Heeres succeeding Kurt Zeitzler who had departed on 1 July after multiple conflicts with Adolf Hitler.

The four light divisions had proved to have inadequate firepower, and they were brought up to strength to full panzer divisions, one of which was given to Erwin Rommel.

When General Wilhelm Keitelthe head of the OKWexplained the political importance of the offensive, Guderian remarked, “How many people do you think even know where Kursk is? Guderian insisted in that German tanks be equipped with radios and intercoms throat microphones to enable each tank commander to communicate with his crew and with other tanks in his platoon and company. He was then appointed Chief of the General Staff of the Army in Julybut this was largely a symbolic role since Hitler had effectively become his own Chief of Staff.

Guderian had developed motorized tactics in the pre-war armywhile keeping himself well-educated about armored formations in other armies. After the defeat at Stalingrad in earlyHitler appointed him to a new position, rebuilding the Panzer forcesbut he bickered with many other generals, who managed to get his duties re-allocated. This article is currently not available. Faced with orders from nervous superiors to halt on one occasion, he managed to continue his advance by stating he was performing a “reconnaissance in force”, but the German High Command ultimately denied him the authority to attack the Allied forces encircled in the pocket at Dunkirk.


It’s a matter of profound indifference to the world whether we hold Kursk or not In the aftermath of the battle, Hoepner and Guderian blamed slow commitment of the south flank of the 4th Army to the attack for the German failure to reach Moscow. Guderian and his staff surrendered to U.

A documentary about his life aired on French television in Guderian believed that among those things needed for success was for commanders of mobile forces to be able to communicate with each other and their sub-units.

After the German defeat at the Battle of Moscow in December he was transferred to reserve. He believed this resulted in logistical and repair problems for German forces in the Soviet Union. The operation violated two of the three tenets for successful tank operations that Guderian had laid out in Achtung — Panzer!

Guderian developed and advocated the strategy of concentrating panzer “armored” formations at the point of attack the Schwerpunkt and deep penetration. Kreike, Emmanuel; Jordan, William Chester In each of these, he abandoned his theories of rapid manoeuvre and was highly successful using tanks to deliver offensive sapper companies that successfully blew up the majority of the Polish bunkers at Wizna.

Luck, Hans von The attack, originally planned to begin in May, was delayed until July.

Heinz Guderian

Karl Kriebel Heinrich Kirchheim. Guderian led his corps in the Battle of Wizna and the Battle of Kobryn. With this change, the total number of panzer divisions in the Heer stood at ten. In addition you can put this article soldatej your wishlist and thus keep an eye on it.

From toGuderian was held in U. After the war he was often invited to attend meetings of British veterans’ groups, where he analyzed past battles with his old foes. They were unable to sustain the impetus of erinnerungne initial attack, and ultimately they failed to gain decisive results.


The Iron Division waged a ruthless campaign in Lithuania and pushed into Latvia ; however, traditional German anti-Slavic attitudes prevented the division’s full cooperation with the White Russian and Baltic forces opposing the Bolsheviks. After the war Guderian changed the dates and circumstances of the situation in his memoirs to present the takeover of the estate as a legitimate retirement gift. Guuderian Mayhe commanded the Panzer divisions that overwhelmed the French defences at Sedan, Franceleading to the surrender of France a month later.

Motorized troops were the key to sustaining a breakthrough, and until the s the extent of motorization necessary was not possible.

Erinnerungen eines Soldaten

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In October he was made commander of the newly created 2nd Panzer Division one of three. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Gudwrian Policy. Geschichte und Gegenwart 29,90 EUR. Customer Reviews Actionshots Similar articles and equipment Also bought Write a review for this product.

Cover of the Ballantine Book abridged version.

Soviet marshal Mikhail Tukhachevsky pursued the idea, but he was executed in in Stalin ‘s ” Great Purge ” of Soviet military leaders. The 20th Century Go-N: F—H ] in German. Portals Access related topics.

InGeneral Lutz asked Guderian to write a book on the developing panzer arm and the theories that had been developed on its use in war. Be the first one to upload an actionshot! He is regarded as the chief architect of Germany’s panzer divisions.

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