Scott Mandelker interviewed twenty-five Americans who claim extraterrestrial ( E.T.) identity, a he made some astounding discoveries. Focusing on personal. Sep 1, Here to help humankind, they could be your doctor, teacher. or clergyman–but they are not human. Dr. Mandelker offers a forum to 25 E.T.s. Dr. Scott Mandelker has an MA in Counseling, Ph.D. in East-West His first book , From Elsewhere: Being ET in America, has sold thousands of copies, and was.

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What I would like to move us towards, or at least present, is what the message of my second book is. I don’t think that the author had any ill intentions, he thinks he is one of the aliens.

Dr. Scott Mandelker with Jeff Rense, Discussing Law of One

That boundless — it is no contest when people realize their power. He is a cosmic reporter of poignant news and events in the Ascension timeline and drama. Time is basically a function of mancelker.

Yshatar Xzatara rated it it mndelker amazing Mar 24, And it may get kind of strange and weird. Sep 01, Robert rated it it was amazing Shelves: And so, graduation time is drawing near — and that is what people call the Ascension, the New Age, the Rapture, Apocalypse, the Fifth World, the Mayans say.

Earth and the Solar System move into different quadrants of space with different energy qualities.

Then we get into some really heavy stuff. In general, most of the people who would be considered ET souls, meaning people, souls from other dimensions who are temporary to Earth, visitors here just for a short time — the first category, Walk-Ins — the majority are called Wanderers or people who are basically born in the ordinary way. What I am trying to offer there, and in my own seminars and counseling around the world, is basically the principles of our spiritual growth.


Which is amazing because in all those people he interviewed I saw a much better explanation.

It mandelkeg truly a must-read when it comes to New Age books. Basically, to help us develop love and wisdom — individually and primarily, collectively. But the purpose of this in-built limitation to human experience was to stimulate soul evolution — and not to harm us in any way.

Transcribed by David Wilcock — http: The kingdom of Heaven on Earth is coming to be.

According to this view, before birth and prior to arriving on the physical plane, we knew the lessons and personal challenges that we’d set forth as a kind of ‘life curriculum’ for personal development. In this book the author, after explaining the origin and source of the term Wanderer goes about systematically drr over a dozen people who have self-identified as either Wanderers or Walk-Ins.

And honestly, for myself, I work now with an increasingly large number of people around the world. Michael Miley rated it it was ok May 07, So, there may be in the next ten years much more open UFO sightings, over cities and things like that.

And I spoke there, and of course there were a lot of people there with tattoos. I think that what is happening is that we are having a richer life experience, individually and collectively.

We have been through some pretty lousy interviews in the past. At long last, my second book now available. The idea is that the planet has passed through a certain portion of space in relation to the galaxy, the Galactic Center, as this spiral arm of the galaxy rotates.

There are a number of endorsements on the back of the book, Dr. Yvonne Dreptate rated it it was amazing Jun 30, All this is discussed to one degree or another in the book, it is a marvelous book, Universal Vision.

They will actually begin to resonate at a higher level, and I would assume, inherit a relatively unspoiled and undamaged planet — a planet that now will take centuries, perhaps, to clean up. Be gentle and kind with your partner acknowledging that we both have limited wisdom and understanding of the situation. So what are they so upset about? What happens if it occurs before the big changeover in, something like that?


Into the Matrix | HuffPost

Abnormal doesn’t mean bad or good, it just means that it is out of norm. Well, I have always said, and I think that we should realize that if those who seek to maintain their power at any cost finally say that they are offering a disclosure of the real truth, we should be careful. During the introduction and overview of his academic credentials, Dr. On the other hand, the Cosmic Matrix is basically the in-built limits elseewhere perception of human being in physical body — defining what we call our “conscious mind” and all that’s outside it, being “the unconscious.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Ecott understand is that 90 percent of the spiritual community follows the path of love, kindness, unity — the path of elswwhere to others, which means wholeness, love, unity.

Into the Matrix

And what you have got there is that the souls who are sufficiently negative join the negative ET federation — believe it or not. And so, I would say again, whatever is real needs to be realized, and then realize the power that we have manfelker heal ourselves and make peace with who we are. Sedivy rated it it was amazing Oct 19, And so, to really understand the two veils, and to really gain strong foundation in penetrating both mandelkr them, we also need to understand that our incarnation is like a lacuna, or the space between parentheses in an endless sentence.