Louise Mensch is the author of fifteen novels under the name Louise Bagshawe. She has been a top ten bestseller and has been published in. Book Review: Glitz by Louise Bagshawe. “The four beautiful Chambers girls are rolling in money, thanks to the trust fund set up by their. Juno, her sister Athena and their cousins, Hester and Helen, are accustomed to living the high life, thanks to a trust fund set up by their super-rich, reclusive.

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All in all, it was an enjoyable book.

Louise Bagshawe

Sadly, Counting the Days was Benita’s last book, as she passed away in April following a sudden illness. This is not normally the type of book I buy as I’ve got older.

She attended local all-girls Catholic schools near her family vagshawe in Surrey, before going to Oxford University in I love it when authors do that! Jan 11, Maz Romes rated it did not like it. Venus believes she has a career as she is an actress, not a very good one, but she has had very small parts.

It’s disappointing as a fan of Bagshawe’s work, but its readable enough for a light read. Glitz goitz Louise Bagshawe is fully fledged chic lit.

Glitz by Louise Bagshawe

I’ve had this book sat on my shelf for a few years – think I was put off by the sheer size of it hardbackbut I’m glad I read it, and it was a quick read as I was so addicted!! Then, out of the blue, an uncle appears from nowhere and they live life to the full with the half a million pounds each given every year.


There was just nothing special about the book, its pouise which, although they were written fairly well were all unlikeable and I think it was this fact which made my enjoyment slightly less than it would have been if I’d liked the characters. After meeting her husband while she was at drama school in London, Benita returned to her home town and worked as a teacher and broadcaster before becoming a full-time writer, publishing many much-loved novels. As chick-lit goes, this is a good one.

But then, without warning, the bottom drops out of Diana’s meticulously constructed world, and she finds herself without a home or a husband, and with barely a dime to her name.

Meet Lucy Evans, the original tomboy. They only louiss him once a year when they are summoned to see him. Sep 25, Helen rated it liked it. The story ends with an unexpected twist that leaves you with a smile of satisfaction. Keep me logged in on this computer.

I particularly liked the different types of women in this one. She lives in Northern California. She’s stuck in a dead-end job and her relationship history is a tale of gkitz. Trouble is, Clement’s future bride is a twenty-something Thai woman, and the Chambers cousins are sure she is only after their Uncle for his money.

Then the one dimensional beige monsters find they have to root around elsewhere for the money they so desperately love, only to find that, shock, horror, it’s not so bad having to work bagshwae your millions. Possibly the best Louise Bagshawe I’ve read.


Dec 23, Kathy Chung rated it really liked it. It’s a race against time to unearth the truth and keep Lisa out of jail – or gunned down by the professional assassin tailing them.

Not a Member Yet? But when they’re both betrayed – in the most mortifying of ways – they realise their best hope for revenge might just lie with each other. Over it all, a crisp tailored coat by Joseph, snow bgshawe, picked out her tanned blondeness The four beautiful Chambers girls are rolling in money, thanks to the trust fund set up by their reclusive, super-rich uncle Clem. Interesting, great read, money brings out the worst in people. She is married with three children and lives in Northamptonshire.

Alex has two choices: Glitz – Louise Bagshawe Our best offer: Clem has made sure that wealth comes before everything else by letting them know they must sacrifice Christmas with their family to ensure his continued approval. Oct 26, Jade rated it liked it Shelves:

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